Battery Switching Circuit Board

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DISCLAIMER: The battery switching board is designed for people that are trained in the advance electrical sciences, and know what to do with the battery switching board, there will be no help to teach anyone about this board other then what is provided on this website. If you buy this board it is not returnable, you used the board at your own risk.

By ordering this board you acknowledge the disclaimer above, the price for the board is $600 USD which includes shipping.


This circuit board was designed by Energy Bat Labs to allow for the switching of battery banks in your DIY energy project. This board provides the logic to be used with relays which will allow you to charge one battery bank while utilizing another during continuous operation.

Those who are familiar with the Bedini School Girl Radiant Charger will find this as a welcome solution to your battery swapping needs.  In the past experimenters had to manually swap power supplies or create their own automated solution. This charging board does the “battery babysitting” work for you.

About the Battery Switching Circuit Technology

The circuit board is made to switch between 3 discreet battery banks. USE OF NEW BATTERIES HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. This logic board is 96mm X 64mm. It requires a charger, 1 12v primary battery, 3 secondary batteries (12, 24, 36, or 48v) and 6 mechanical relays (12vdc 100A). DO NOT USE SOLID STATE RELAYS.

This battery switching board has one floating input (+and-) to sense load battery voltage. There is a voltage control Potentiometer on the board which sets the trip point between 9 and 16 vdc.  When the load battery voltage drops below the set point, the external relays will sequence the 3 batteries. The sequence goes between three states for each battery:

1) battery charging
2) battery resting
3) battery discharging (powering load)

This sequence continues indefinitely.

The chip on the board is a decade counter, it goes in a ten number sequence but It is reset after three. This board is designed for the experimenter as the board does not use surface mount (only thru-hole) so you are actually able to change a part yourself.

This board is a rugged design and is fused (5amp). This board has been rigorously tested by its development team. It does not come in a box, if user wishes to put this board in a box it needs to be a ventilated. The board has an adjustable resistor that can be set within a 10th of a volt (12 turns)

Applications / Ideas for use of Battery Switching Circuit:

1) Bedini School Girl type Radiant Charging Battery Swapping
2) Solar energy solution systems – use to help extend your energy usage
3) Wind energy solutions systems – use to help extend your energy usage

Please see pictures below for more details on the Battery Switching Circuit board.

This board is a product being offered through Energy Bat Labs.  If you have any questions about the board, technology or your order / shipping / payment please email Geoffrey Miller at

This product is for the sale of one battery switching circuit board. Relays and batteries are not include and must be purchased separately. World wide shipping is included in the price, please allow up to 30 days for delivery, but they should arrive sooner. Boards are made in and shipped from the USA.

4000 WATT self running battery power unit with 8000 watt inverter, using our battery switching circuit board from Energybat lab

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